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1:Jake Knapp argued that in a design sprint, your prototype doesn’t have to be elaborate in order to learn what you need to know because .
答:what you most need to know is what users don’t understand about it

2:The structure of the Chinese culture is typical of integrate pluralism.

3:Idris Mootee defines the Design Thinking Method as a human-centric approach to innovation that is always focused first and foremost on .
答:understanding user needs

4:The reason we do user testing in the first place is not to ___ users, but to ___.
答:wow, gain actionable insights

5:When reframing a problem for a design challenge, it is important to consider deep framing which is .
答:a core set of values people use to guide their ways of seeing and being

6:The implementation phase of the design thinking method involves .
答:making ideas tangible

7:As Idris Mootee explains, when people are encouraged to think differently at work without fear of failure, the result is .
答:Both A B are correct.

8:Walt Disney was always adding little extras to his products and services, an approach to experience design he called .

9:When a design thinker works within a business to introduce new ideas it is called .
答:corporate innovation

10:The Qing Dynasty was overthrown by the October Revolution led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

11:When constructing a vision board for your project, include some key words or phrases because .
答:textual elements make people pause and think#words set a tone and create excitement for your project

12:Best practice in UX design is to minimize cognitive load by avoiding visual clutter. But what is visual clutter?
答:Redundant information.

13:We can describe the process of designing with empathy as a series of four phases including all of the following, except .

14:The different versions of creation myths roughly coincide with the ______ Age.

15:When designing for usability, what does memorability mean?
答:Ease with which users can recall how a system works.

16:a one-page document featuring sampled images, fonts, color palettes, and logos, used to communicate the style of a product.
答:Vision Board

17:Rohit Bhargava encourages trend trackers to regularly engage in moments of “quiet contemplation” so as to .
答:arrive at powerful insights from seemingly random elements

18:The strength of the 6 Hats method is how it promotes .
答:a careful examination of different facets of a problem

19:What is the “observer effect”?
答:Presence of the researcher causes users to modify their behaviours.

20:Framestorming involves .
答:brainstorming the problem you are seeking to solve, searching for new questions

21:At its basis, a trend is defined as .
答:a shift in culture, business or behaviour

22:are frustrating moments people have with the products and services in our lives.
答:Pain points

23:Challenge mapping is designed to help teams escape “silo” thinking which can happen when .
答:team members focus solely on their own specializations/units

24:Why is creativity no longer a “nice-to-have,” and now a need-to-have attribute for organizations, according to Ben DeVries?
答:It enables rapid corporate innovation.

25:What is ideational fluency?
答:Total number of ideas generated to solve a problem.

26:In order to increase the speed of the service prototyping process, designers should seek what Stefania Passera called the .
答:optimum minimum setup

27:Which of the following is not a downside to prototyping with paper?
答:Costs virtually nothing to build.

28:“Your work is only as good as you feel,” said Hope Hall. This is because .
答:research shows there is a connection between happiness and creativity

29:When innovating, it is important to borrow ideas from analogous fields because .
答:innovation is always a multidisciplinary endeavour

30:Needfinding may involve the following kinds of user research: .
答:All of the above are correct.

31:Ideally, user testing helps to .
答:identify your blind spots and users’ pain points so you can eliminate both

32:If you don’t have access to talk to your users, you can always do this instead, UX expert Jon Peterson suggests, .
答:read online user reviews

33:Why is the design sprint compared to a learning laboratory?
答:Low-risk environment invites experimentation.

34:It is a good idea when pparing for your design sprint to .
答:do a mini research sprint, to gather information

35:Whether you use paper or pixels, the fidelity of your prototype can vary in three areas, including .
答:interactivity and visuals

36:curiosity leads to creative breakthroughs.

37:Delivering an extraordinary service experience may involve little extras such as all of the following, except .
答:celebrity endorsements

38:Divergent thinking means ___ to come up with as many different ideas as possible.

39:The risk, when inventors skip user testing, is that they will create products and services that .
答:solve problems no one has or cares about

40:According to research by Professor David Aaker, people remember facts much better when they are .
答:part of a story

41:Today companies such as Netflix and Coursera are using ___ to determine user needs and to develop customer solutions, at scale.
答:big data

42:Vision boards are intended to incite a memorable, emotional response for the audience.

43:How can you arrange for more happy accidents and coincidences in your life, according to MihalyCsikszentmihalyi?
答:Ensure you have unstructured time to let your mind wander.

44:Empathic research techniques help design thinkers discover new problems to solve.

45:When you are shadowing a user, it is best to be inconspicuous, and in fact it is essential that you are completely invisible to them.

46:To create “wow” for users, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi advises, allow them to .
答:interact with peers

47:Because personas are fictitious, it is unnecessary to do a lot of research before creating them.

48:When developing your journey map, be sure to include all of the following except .

49:When tracking usability, researchers should pay close attention to .
答:how many errors users make, and if they are able to recover from them

50:Which of the following are three key tasks for a curator?
答:Acquisitions, Editing, Promotion

51:What do you put into the “see and hear” section of an empathy map?
答:Impssions people form about products based on user reviews.

52:To conduct a successful interview, you want to practice .
答:informational Listening

53:What makes it difficult for people to explain to design researchers about why they make the purchase and use decisions they do?
答:Habits and use patterns become invisible and normalized.

54:When you invest a lot of time to read news and other information sources about the problem you are seeking to solve, you will quickly build up a ___ that helps you recognize emergent ideas.
答:narrative cache

55:When you think creatively and analytically about a problem, you can be said to be using .
答:a whole-brain mindset

56:Which of the following is an essential question for challenge mapping?
答:What's stopping us?

57:The black hat thinker is consistently critical and negative about proposed solutions, which makes them seem to be .

58:All of the following are examples of “onstage” activities in a service blueprint, except .
答:employee training program

59:Because of their complexity, wicked problems can only be re-solved over and over again until they are finally solved once and for all.

60:The path to innovative design solutions begins by first .
答:asking new questions

61:At basis, convergent thinking is about creating connections, in other words, it involves .
答:synthesizing insights

62:Why does Jane Fulton Suri suggest that innovators “think with their hands”?
答:Building tangible models of your ideas pushes your thinking forward.

63:What is a timeboxed activity?
答:A task for which a fixed time period is allocated.

64:If you want to be more creative at work, start by prioritizing happiness.

65:Mind maps help design thinkers to communicate .
答:All of the above options are correct.

66:It is especially challenging to prototype future services offerings because it is hard to achieve .

67:Sample metric for user testing include all of the following, except .
答:contextual awareness

68:Prototyping is always inspirational because even low-fidelity models are true works of art, Tim Brown argues.

69:Listening to the voice of your product is a way to .
答:arrive at new ideas for refreshing or retrofitting existing offerings

70:When you are deciding whether to prototype on paper or to build a digital model, consider whether ___ is important to your user testing process.

71:The way we frame an issue answers the question:
答:What is this about?

72:When mapping the user experience as part of a design sprint, you should indicate both .
答:pain points and wow moments

73:To conduct ethical user research, it is important you ask testers to sign a consent form to ensure .
答:they understand the purpose of the study